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Loyalty Rewards Software

Our software help you eliminates paper mailing. Join us today and send your weekly paper ad and notifications via SMS to your customers’ phones. Invest in technology that help your business grow and flourish.

Loyalty Rewards System

modern day communication

The loyalty rewards system is mostly used to broadcast messages to your customers. Want to send your weekly ad to your customers instantly? Let our Loyalty software send SMS messages to all your customers in seconds. Need to tell your customers about a new product? How about rewarding your customers? The first time visitors will get a certain coupon, second timers, third times, etc. How about displaying a product on our loyalty screen for advertising? Our system can feature images of products in the screen. What are you waiting for? Join the technology revolution and implement our modern communication device today.

Technology Revolution

Keeping customers informed by SMS messages is the best investment you can do to your business. In today’s age less and less customers read physical papers. Everything is being done by phones. Send your flyer every week to your customers with our system. STOP wasting your money on paper anymore!

Everything is included

Mass SMS

Coupons and Specials

Product Feature

Free Mailing List

Rewards and Milestones

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Get the system today for less than $0.05 per SMS. We have reps all over California and Michigan.