San Diego, CA



Django – Shopify Web Developer

We’ll be building a Django dashboard for data and analytics display retrieved from Shopify. The project will include API request/response, User permissions, and graphs design using JavaScript. This is a three stage project

Experience Needed:

  • Working on Shopify’s Backend / API
  • Working with API requests/responses using JSON/XML
  • Django Admin, User Permissions, Memcached, & Async
  • AWS Hosting &  set up
  • JavaScript & Datatables
  • Bootstrap
  • Data Structures
  • Facebook & Google Analytics Data integration
  • Geo-encoding API (to create Heat Maps)
  • Basic English Language
  • Must be available 8am – 5pm San Diego, CA time (6pm – 3am Iraq time)

Salary: contractor will be paid hourly and rate is negotiable upon interview

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